EconomicDevelopmentJobs.Co is brought to you by Propel Development to connect job seekers and economic development organizations.  However, we know that sometimes it takes a little extra help to find the right employee for your organization.

Propel Development offers recruiting services to economic development organizations.  We have a great understanding of what it takes to be successful in economic development. Our process is a full-service solution that includes the following:

  • Job Description Assistance
  • Organization Culture Assessment
  • Job Marketing Through Multiple Channels
  • Candidate Search Through Proactive Outreach and Referrals
  • Reference Check

Propel has a great network of colleagues including site selectors, economic developers, and professional service providers associated with business expansion.  We rely heavily on our network in our process to make sure we are finding the perfect fit for your community. 

Our job board is the engine behind our recruiting success.  We get regular notifications from job seekers that submit their resume on our site. 

Posting your jobs on EconomicDevelopment.Co may be enough, but if you want extra assistance in making sure you make the right hire please use our Contact Us page or visit